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Pay on Loan (POL) - Customers can come in at any time and apply money to an active loan. This helps assist customers in lowering their loans and/or retrieving their property with less financial difficulty.

Pay by Mail - Customers can pay by mail by doing the following:
  1. Make sure the payment will arrive before the due date.
  2. Money orders only for payment, no checks or cash.
  3. Return the yellow copy of their loan ticket.
  4. Provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  5. J.C.'s will return the new loan ticket in the envelope provided.
No lost-ticket fees.

Firearm transfers from out of state - $25.00 long guns & $38.00 handguns plus use tax (8.8%).
Firearm private Sale transfers - $25.00 long guns & $38.00 handguns, customer responsible for use tax.

Lay Away - On the retail side, we require a third down, a payment each month and pay off in 90 days.

24 hour hold - As a courtesy to our customers, we will gladly hold any retail item for 24 hours at no charge.

All electronic devices are set back to factory and Windows 10 is installed on all PC's (Personal Computers).

If an item can be tested, before the item is put on the floor for sale, it is tested. All items are cleaned prior to pricing. We guarantee everything functions properly.

Disk Repairs:
Quality disk repairs with Professional ECO-Master Disk Repair Machine - Games ($4.00), Blu-ray ($3.00), DVD or CD's ($2.00).

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